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Good day and welcome to the Deli Delicious Franchising Inc.’s and Deli Delicious Restaurants’ website (the “Site”). All references to “Deli Delicious Franchising Inc.”, “DDFI”, “Deli Delicious”, Deli D”, “ Delicious Restaurants”, “Franchise Support Office”, “us”, “ “our,” “we,” includes Deli Delicious Franchising Inc., Deli Delicious Restaurants, and each of its restaurants, subsidiary companies, and related, or affiliated companies.

By using the DDFI site you agree to be bound by certain legal obligations and declare that you are fully aware of the obligations and legal rights imposed when visiting our site, all affecting your rights to any jury trials, with no class relief, mandatory arbitration and choice of law and venue.

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The contents on this website is solely for information purposes and at no time is intended to offer, distribute, sell, and direct to sell any businesses or franchises of DDFI in any State except the States of California, Washington, Utah and any other State which we are authorized to offer franchises for sale. DDFI will not offer any franchises to you until such time as we have been authorized by the State in which we plan to offer franchises. In any event, we are required to deliver a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document at any time we offer to sell you a franchise in ANY STATE within the United States, some of which regulate the sale or offer of sale of franchises. For a complete list, you may contact your State’s Consumer Representative Office, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and or the State’s Regulators for more information.

Our website may contain confidential and non-confidential information, which may include recipes, specials, LTO’s (limited time offers), patents, trademarks, intellectual property, service marks, rules and regulations, updates on operations, training, franchise sales, store addresses, and host of other pertinent information specific to our brand. You may visit our website for non-commercial use only. Please note that the information contained may be confidential, specific to our brand and as such is not be copied, used, distributed in commerce, sold, reproduced, amended, or published anywhere without the DDFI’s written authorization.

If you believe any information on our site is an infringement of your intellectual or other rights, please contact us at


Special Disclaimer of Warranties and Limits of Liability. Information submitted to our website becomes our property, and as such you give us the irrevocable right to modify, amend, display, reproduce, and distribute all information in World Wide Web, with no fees and no royalties. This right can be terminated when either party chooses to terminate, except for terms that will continue in perpetuity which will remain unaffected by the termination of our agreement.

At all times you shall indemnify DDFI, Deli Delicious fully harmless for any material you or other parties may post on our website.

All transactions on our website may be conducted electronically at our sole discretion.

Please be advised that the use of DDFI website is at your own full risk. The information, software, services and the materials appearing in our site are without warranties of any kind, express and or implied, and always as “when available”, “as is”, and the site, DDFI, it’s agents, officers, employees, contactors and all its affiliated companies hereby disclaim any and all warranties, both express and implied, including any implied warranties of all kinds, DDFI is not responsible for any errors, third party or otherwise, makes no guaranty the site’s functions will continue to be available, or available at all, be free of errors and omissions, and that if there are to be any defects that we will correct them in timely basis and without any interruptions, or whether defects are corrected, the site will be free of any viruses affecting yours or any other systems in any commercial or personal use whatsoever. Furthermore, DDFI does not endorse any postings which may appear on our site, posted by third party individuals, companies, for commercial or other uses. Exclusions appearing in this disclaimer will apply to the extent permitted by applicable laws.

Limitation of Liability. Our website may contain viruses which may seriously damage your operating systems, software, hardware, programs, websites, applications, etc. and as such you have been hereby advised of the possibilities of such losses and damages, which could be substantial in nature and economic and other losses to you and any third party you may use.

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Jurisdiction. Disputes arising as the result of the use of this website will be resolved through binding arbitration including no class relief, meaning both DDFI and you waive any rights to make claims in any representative action, and that the arbitrator will decide specifically the individual claims made by us or you. All parties to this agreement will empower the arbitrator the exclusive right and authority to address and resolve the disputes amongst us and other third parties relating to the enforcement, applicability or the meaning and or interpretations of the terms of this agreement. Furthermore, all grievances must be resolved by an arbitrator and administered by JAMS and processed by an arbitrator using the JAMS rules and procedures. The arbitrator’s decision shall be based on the terms of this agreement, applying the California laws consistent with the U.S. Federal Arbitration Act, and shall honor any and all claims of privilege recognized at law. The exclusive jurisdiction of the courts is located in the County of Fresno, State of California. If any court of law having jurisdiction, finds sections of this agreement unenforceable, then that provision shall be removed and the remaining terms of this disclaimer and agreement shall continue to be valid.

If any controversy, allegation, or claims, arises out of or relates to this agreement or our site, together we agree to send a written notice fully to each other, stating the facts relating to any grievances which will include possible remedies suggested. We will be obligated to send you notice to the address and email information available to us. Any notices to DDFI must be sent to:

Email: Franchisesupport@deli-d.com

Mail: Deli Delicious Franchising Inc.

           Attention: Executive Vice President

           2495 West Shaw Ave.

           Fresno, California 93711

Entire Agreement. The provision as stated in this disclaimer constitute the entire agreement. The use of our website may subject you to terms and conditions as may be set by third party content or materials.

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